What’s in Your Mom Purse Game

Alright Real Mothers, Riane and I had the best of time playing a game called “what’s in your mom purse” on this weeks video and it was hillarious. I think what we loved about it is that it truly shows our individual personality which is the beauty of finding mom friends that are different than you. So, if you are looking for a fun activity to do on a wine night with your mom friends, add this to the list because it’s so much fun.

What's In Your Mom Purse game for ladies night or wine night! It's so much fun!All you need for this fun mom night game is your purse, the crap inside your purse and maybe a tissue to wipe away the hard-laugh-cry-tears you will surely have. You can have as many people involved in this game and maybe have a prize for someone who pulls out the most bizarre item in their purse. Watch this video and you will see all of the weird things that I grabbed from inside my handbag. You might even feel better about your life. Who knows.

If you are wanting to get to know your friend better, the What’s in Your Mom Purse Game is a good ice-breaker. It might be kind of weird to do with just two people…or not. Riane and I are pretty comfortable with eachother so it wasn’t a big deal. I would recommend doing this game as a part of a mom’s gathering, playdate, wine night, or wherever there is a group of mothers gathered that are cool with being outrageously silly. It’s good to have friends that are like that anyways. Right? I think so.

Here are a list of some of the things we both found in our handbags:

  • diaper
  • wad of buisness cards
  • wallet with buisness cards
  • money
  • gift cards
  • ring pop
  • protein bar
  • other wads of random crap

I swear this What’s In Your Mom Purse was entirely spontaneous and not staged AT ALL. But, with what we pulled out at the same time, you would definitely think it is. So, watch the video and let us know what kinds of crazy things you have found in your purse!

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