Top 5 Real Mother Moments Vol 1

Hey you Real Mothers,

Every week we will be posting the top 5 Real Mother Moments from our Facebook group. These are funny real mom stories that have happened to moms accross the country. We like to share them so that you feel like a normal human mother. We hope you enjoy them!

Funny stories from real mothersTop 5 Hillarious Real Mother Moments


  1. .My funny story but stressful in the moment happened to me with my youngest Kade when he was 22 months old.He locked himself in a bathroom at a pizza place. He couldn’t get it unlocked and the restaurant didn’t have a key. After about 15 minutes of trying to convince him to just turn the switch, we start to see water pouring out from underneath the door. He was flooding the toilet with paper and kept flushing it. And the pizza kitchen was having water poor in eventually. They ended up cutting through the sheetrock to get him out. He was wet from head to toe in toilet water.Sooo funny now! – Lauren
  2. My favorite “real mother” story happened when my son was 3 weeks old. I was exhausted. He wasn’t sleeping, and while I was able to “sleep when the baby slept” with my first baby, my daughter just didn’t let that happen this time around. My son also had “healthy bowels” and every time he poo’ed…he had a blowout. So I went to the bedroom to change blowout #312. As I started changing him, he peed all over me. I was so mentally and physically drained that I just started to cry. At that moment, my husband walked into the room and said, “Don’t worry…I’ll take him.” He scooped him up, bare-bummed and I took a step back, tears streaming down my face, on the verge of sobbing.
    I watched my husband’s face grimace in horror as the most unthinkable substance oozed from our son’s behind. He tried to grab his bum to catch it but got it all over the front of him.
    My bawling turned to HYSTERICAL laughter as I watched my husband scurry to keep the poo from getting everywhere. It hit the wall, the carpet, the floor, the dresser. Everywhere. I will always remember the sound it made as it splashed all over the bedroom.Mind you, I was less than a month out from his delivery. And I was laughing hysterically.

    So I stood there, tears running down my cheeks, laughing.

    And I peed my pants. -Colette

  3. My real mom moment was having to sing Uptown Funk with my daughter while finishing a Target trip a couple months back.The song was obviously in her head so she started singing.Her enunciation of the word FUNK was not going over well with other shoppers, and when I asked her to wait to sing until we got to the car, she sang a little louder. It was just one of those days, you know.The only way I could figure to get people not to think my kid was cursing about f’ing someone up was to sing with her and sing FUNK a little LOUDER than her. -Megan

    So – me & C – Uptown Funk duet in Target.

  4. Real Mother moment for me today: Painters came a day early and kicked us out of the house right at nap time. 3 kids, no nap, no kitchen so we go to eat out.Baby won’t stop screaming in the restaurant but waits to start screaming when my food and beautiful beer arrive.SO I am in the car with the yelling baby so that my husband and 2 toddlers can eat a meal in peace. -Bonnie
  5.  When we first moved to Texas we decided to try out a church for our family to go to. We liked the church and in front of many people the pastor came over and welcomed us and asked the kids “what do y’all like the very most about living in Texas”? My daughter said LOUDLY… “MY DADDY LIKES TO WEAR MY MOMMYS CLOTHES”!!!! No joke I had a slight panic attack and we all ran to the car. Later I asked and she said ummm yah mom you both share the same socks? I’ll never forget it. I am praying I don’t run into that dude around town. Ok, hope I made someone’s day! -Jamie


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