Shorts for Under Dresses

I am a momma of a beautiful and very busy 12-year-old girl, and I’m always on the hunt for comfy shorts for under dresses for her. She’s a kid, so, regardless of if she is running around in a skirt, she’s not thinking about crossing her legs, watching how she sits and the potential of flashing her undies to the general public. I didn’t either at her age. I remember my mom saying things to try and redeem my lack of awareness on my underpants making a grand appearance to all who were anywhere near me. Let’s just say that bike shorts and spandex short saved my life more than once. I want my daughter to experience the lightheartedness of being a kid and swing on the monkey bars and run around in a dress if she wants without fear of embarrassment.

best little girl shorts for under dressesI had to wear uniforms from 6th- 12th grade so plaid skirts were a constant in my life. Let me tell you; there is nothing like a windy day in an already awkward phase of life to make shorts my BFF. My daughter is also in a uniform and she wears shorts under her skirt every single day. It’s definitely a security blanket for her, no flashing her friends on the playground. We all know that swings, sliding down slides, and other outside activities during recess are a big deal.

I don’t want to give her any added anxiety either about stranger danger when it comes to her skirts and dresses, but I refuse to be the naive mom who just pushes that uncomfortable thought away. Why not remove any area of concern by layering up? Never once has she complained about wearing shorts under her dresses and skirts because it makes life easier for her too!

When I’m looking for shorts for under dresses, I always size down because the more fitted they are, the better they get the job done. I have found that a thin, fitted material works best and takes up less room under clothes. Plus we all know that stretchy means comfy! I always opt for black unless it’s summertime and she may have something light colored on.

Online you can find some great easy pieces in the kid’s athletic wear section or even in the gymnastics or dance area. Volleyball shorts that are fitted are another easy thing to snag!

If you are the hunt for comfy shorts for under dresses, here are some options that my daughter loves.

best shorts for under dresses for little girls.Girls Performance Sports and Dance Wear Shorts for Under Dresses

Girls Performance Yoga Shorts- C9 Champion  $12.99

Freestyle by Danskin Shorts $12.99

Capezio Girls Boy Cut Low Rise Short $11-$19

Comfy Cotton Shorts for Under Dresses

Kid Nation Cotton Biker Shorts pack of 3 $21.99

Lucky & Me Taggless and Cotton Pack of Three Biker Shorts with Lace Trim $26.99

French Toast Girls Kick Shorts $6.72

I know this seems like such a random topic to blog about, but it’s a real topic, in our real lives, and hey-we are all Real Mothers here! I couldn’t resist, ok!! Next time you snag your latte, snag some shorts for your daughter and stop worrying about correcting her crazy way she sits with her legs behind her head. Life’s too short; I’m all about less worry and more monkey bars!

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