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Do you want to join the Real Mother Community? The Real Mother group is a safe place for moms to be authentic. Mothering is hard and knowing that other moms are in the trenches with you makes it easier somehow.

If you feel lonely, if you need a caring mom group, if you want to let your hair down…this is the group for you. (Scroll down to bottom for group link.)

Here’s all we ask of you:

  1. You have to be a mother.
  2. No drama.
  3. Absolutely ZERO vocal judgment or passive aggressive comments.
  4. If you are going to ask a question in Real Mother, please expect answers. You may even get answers that you don’t agree with. That’s ok.
  5. If you answer a question, please do so in a respecftul and helpful way.
  6. If you think someones post is ridiculous…scroll on. You don’t need to comment on everything.
  7. No trolling…obviously.

Here are the thing’s you can post:

  1. Your funny, hillarious, and raw Real Mother Moments.
  2. Your motherhood questions.
  3. Your life questions.
  4. Your vents if you need to get it off your chest.

Here’s what you can’t post: 

  1. Child nudity. Not becuase we’re grossed out…but because it’s the internet. Diapers are fine.
  2. Negative comments. Duh.
  3. Please don’t post about other things from other groups.
  4. No personal buisness advertising (we will have a time and space for that).
  5. No coupon discounts from stores. There are other groups for that.
  6. If we find anything from the 5 things you can’t post…we will delete it.

Last- we really want to keep the peace in this group. It’s been such a source of life for so many mothers. If you join and can’t follow the rules we will kindly kick you out. In a nice way. Ya know. Real Mother style.


Are you a real mother? Join the list for authentic motherhood advice, tips, and real mother moments.
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