Great Non-Conventional Christmas Gifts to Give Kids

Ideas for non-conventional christmas gift ideas for kids

Every year kids will scour the Toy’s R Us magazines, commercials and Christmas flyers and circle every gift that they think they want. Hatchimals, Finger Pets, Barbie’s and Star Wars toys are some of the most wanted gifts this year. Well, most of these gifts will end up in the bottom of the toy box by New Year’s Eve, and never be seen again. As gift-givers, we want to see the gifts that we spend time choosing to be played with year-round. So, how do we do that? Well, it is time to leave the flyers and commercials behind, and start thinking about non-conventional Christmas gifts to give kids.

Ideas for non-conventional christmas gift ideas for kidsNon-conventional Christmas Gifts

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a great non-conventional Christmas gifts. They are the gift that gives all year. Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly are how most subscription boxes work. Another great factor of subscription boxes is that there is such a vast assortment to select, so you can pick out a company that has the same interests as kids today. Crafts, books, and toys are just a few types of subscription boxes for kids.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are another perfect option for non-conventional Christmas Gifts. Stuffed animals, books, and blankets are options for personalized gifts. Even though your kids may not play with them all year long, they provide priceless memories. I still remember and have a blanket that my great-grandmother gave me as a kid. I have kept it as a precious memory, and now show it to my kids.


One non-conventional gift that lasts all year is a membership somewhere. It could be the zoo, aquarium, or local theme park. Here in Texas, my kids enjoy places like the Dallas World Aquarium, so getting a family membership there would make my kids happy.


I feel that children should learn about charity from a young age. So, with this option, there are two different paths to take. The first is to have the child pick a charity and make a donation in their name. The second way is to have your children picks out gifts to donate to a charity. Teaching children young to be charitable will forever change their outlook on life.


No, I am not talking a top of the line super expensive camera, just a simple digital camera. Not only does this give you an idea of how your child sees the world, but it also creates precious memories. I would suggest keeping a file on your computer just for their photos. Once they are older, you can help them build a scrapbook of their memories.

Extra-Curricular Activities

One last idea, think about dance lessons, horseback riding lessons, karate, or gymnastics, all of these are perfect for a non-traditional Christmas gift for kids. Not only will the kids look forward to their activities, but they also will be burning off some energy. That leads to sleeping better at night; I call that a win-win for both kids and parents.

Non-conventional Christmas gifts for kids take the repetition out of Christmas. It allows parents or gift-givers to have some flexibility as well as the freedom to think outside of the box.

What non-conventional Christmas gifts for kids have you done in the past? Which ones do you want to try out in the future?

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