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Today we launched out Youtube Channel and we’re going straight for hot motherhood topics like the definition of touched out. I recently wrote an article talking about what it feels like when  you have had kids crawling all over you all day long, you are exhausted, and then your husband wants sex. Yay. Nothing wrong with sex, we like it too, but some days are hard and the early motherhood years zap all of your personal space. Like, it doesn’t exsist actually.

The real definition of being touched out when you have small kidsIn my previous article I talked about how to tell your husband you are touched out and the best ways to communicate to him. It was a really popular post’s clear this isn’t something that just one mother struggles with; we all do (except for the rare anomoly who I want to high-five and applaud).

So, if you are touched out and you want a good laugh, watch this video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We will be posting new videos every Friday.


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