My Truth: Babies and Breast Augmentation

Want to know the truth about why I got my breast augmentation after babies? Let me be an open book with no filter and tell you too much and possibly wonder later if I embarrassed myself. Sound good? Getting a boob job after having kids isn’t talked about much, and while this feels really vulnerable, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and share it anyways because it’s part of me loving my mom body. That’s what Real Mother is all about anyways. Right? Being honest, sharing motherhood stories, and stuff that is often shied away from.

Why I got my breast augmentation after my kidsSo here goes my story, my breast augmentation story.

I definitely used to be the judgemental girl who looked at any woman up and down who I assumed had had “work done,” and thought, “really”? How ridiculous, how vain, and had a list of reasons why I considered myself above it all. Did I mention that this was before I had kids? Before my body turned into someone else’s and before I gave so much of myself away never to have it back.

I don’t in any way regret having children; I would do it all over again, seriously. But what you can never fully prepare yourself for what your body will look like after. I had these cute and perky B cups before kids, then I watched them grow along with the rest of me into milk filled C cups. I lovingly breast-fed both my kids for 15 months a piece. It was free, and I was determined to save where I could as long as it worked!

Then I watched in horror as these C cups that I had grown somewhat used too, shrank, no, dissolved into nothing. I am for real, like nada, imagine a wall with nipples, that was me.

My lightbulb moment came one afternoon in the car. My sweet hubs was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. He asked me to hand him something, and when I bent forward in my white v neck t-shirt he said, “Riane, I can literally see your nipple right now!” Now he usually would not be shocked or concerned about this; he likes my nipples. However, my breasts were so small that my bra wasn’t even touching my skin anymore.

I mean, imagine strapping your bra on a ten-year-old boy. Yup, that was me. Band-aids would have been more useful at this point.

I approached my husband not because I wanted his approval but because we make all major decisions together. We sat down, and I got his feedback on breast augmentation, he was supportive and completely great about it. Shocker right (haha)?!

We headed to the plastic surgeon together, he played with the sample implants while I tried them all on under my shirt and we laughed a lot. I went home and remembered thinking, I can try my best to feel comfortable with my after baby body. Then another thought came into my head; we give our children everything.


I love sharing my body, the food off of my plate, my bed, my bathroom, my car, my closet when I am trying to get dressed. All of it. However, I will live in this body for the rest of my life. I will be married to this man for the rest of my life. All the pre-baby judgment vanished, and I felt like such a fool. How easy it was for me to make assumptions about other women and what they chose to do with their bodies. Here I was with my clothes literally falling off of my shoulders, my chest concaving and feeling desperate to feel like myself again. I called the next day and scheduled my breast augmentation.

It’s been over seven years now since I have had my surgery. I have zero regrets. I honestly forget I ever had my boobs done because they feel like they were always there. I filled my skin back out, my tops fit once again, and I no longer cringed when my husband wanted to grab my chest.

Bless him.

I understand that elective surgery is not for everyone and this is in no way me trying to promote plastic surgery. This is my story and one that I am not ashamed of having. I love my babies, and I loved having them, and I have embraced my body in the process. I’m putting this out for any momma who may need to feel encouraged that it’s ok to love yourself too.

Much love ladies, we are all in this crazy life together

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Riane Hubbart
Hi I'm Riane! Wife, mom of two, clothing stylist and Kendra's side-kick. We laugh a lot.
  1. Sooooo funny… baby you go for it! Whatever makes you feel good about yourself…cause trust me as one who just had their 80 th birthday! It goes so fast! So whatever makes you smile at this age go for it! Pay no attention to NAy Sayers! They probably never danced !

    1. Love you Sherry! Case and I know that supporting each other in this crazy adventure is what matter most. Love your input, thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story. I haven’t gotten a breast augmentation, but if could afford it, I would do it!
    I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, I cried. Not only because I was happy, but I knew that my boobs ( my favorite part of my body at that time) would be ruined lol. I was right. I went from perky C cups to beyond huge cups. After I stopped breast feeding they deflated and turned in to what I can only explain as looking like a cross between Dumbos ears and an old deflated balloon. My boobs are still big, but hang down to my belly button. Lol. Putting them back up to where they used to be would be nice!
    I’m a 37 single mom and feel sorry for my future someone 😉 I can only hope and pray that I win the lotto before I meet a man!

    1. You hang in there! You have done the most amazing and beautiful thing that will ever matter. Props to you for doing this all on your own. I admire your strength and your since of humor. In the mean time, get yourself an amazing push up bra ;-), and whoever he is will be lucky to have you!

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