Real Mother started with a few simple thoughts: less drama and place for moms to connect regardless of mothering differences. We started as a no-judgment zone group and have expanded into this online space. We hope that here you will find the best info for you on motherhood weather you are a baby wearer or not, a working mom or not, a breastfeeding mom or not, have teens, tweens, and babies. We want to be united on one thing we all can agree on…we love our kids fiercly otherwise we wouldn’t be scoping out advice on a motherhood site. Let’s be honest.

We hope you will make yourself at home here on Real Mother and also join our very active and encouraging Real Mother group.

A Little About the Real Mother Crew

Real Mother Kendra Stanton

Executive Editor + Real Mother Kendra Stanton: Kendra lives in Austin, TX with her husband of ten years and 3 small children. She has a mad addiction to fancy coffee, loves to cook and hates to work out even though she knows she should. When she not doing kid drop off and picks up, she works on, her other blog, her makeup biz, and helping her husband run a church. If you are wondering if she feels like an absolute sphycho on most days…the answer is yes. Yes she does.

Executive Editor + Real Mother Riane Hubbart:



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