A Note From the Founder and Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Your-Pants Real Mother: Kendra Stanton


Kendra Stanton with Real Mother


Hi, I’m Kendra!

Welcome to Real Mother! I am the wife of a sexy dude, mom to three human babies and one fur baby. My family and I live in Austin, TX and lead a church in the area. I am a makeup artist and also run citizensofbeauty.com. I live on coffee while trying to juggle the chaos of life, work, and motherhood.

I have been in the internet blog world space for about 7 years and have seen the pressure for perfection become worse and worse. I have especially seen this when it comes to motherhood…it’s almost like we aren’t suppose to be human.

Well let me tell you, there is nothing that will expose your humanity more than becoming a mother. Am I right? Just read every-single-one of my posts.

So welcome my friends…take seat and take a break. Let’s laugh together, let’s cry together, let’s be Real Mothers together.



A Note from Kendra’s partner in Crime and Extremely Organized, Clean and Fun Real Mother: Rane Hubbart


Riane here, just another real mother, and by that I mean a real tired mother. I love my two crazy children and the husband I flirted hard with in order to get them here! I own a business and try my hardest to not fail at this mom thing, but I do, quite often. Caffeine and chips are my dearest loves, right up there with tucking my kids in bed after making it through yet another entertaining day.
Kendra and I fell madly in love several years ago. She’s always the dreamer and I am sadly always the Type A, listing making friend running after her trying to keep up with her creativity.

What Kendra and I love about each other is the “real” aspect of the way we try and live our lives. We believe in each other, support one another, never judge each other, and aren’t afraid to say the hard things when needed.

Thank God for Kendra or none of this would exist- REAL MOTHER is our story, it’s all our stories.


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