7 Motherhood New Years Resolutions


Every year January 1st comes, and as usual, it’s the beginning of a new year which means its resolution time. As a mother, I have many flaws, and there are many things I don’t get right. On the flip side, there are many things I do get right. As a human, I want to continually be growing and learning and not stay stagnant in my life, and that includes motherhood. So friends, here are my top 7 Motherhood New Years Resolutions for 2018.

7 motherhood new years resolutions

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1. Be the Fun Parent: Yeah, I am not the fun parent. There, I said it. My husband is the fun one (thankful there is at least one of us) and will spend an hour each night playing with the kids while I cook dinner (I love cooking). I have a zero percent desire to play Lego’s or pretend, but I know I should. Often they will ask me to act like I’m the mom and they are the kids and do this pretend family. I do it for about five minutes, and then I’m like,” please stop whining!” To which they say, “we’re just pretending!” So yeah, this New Year I am going to be the fun parent this year.

2. I am Going to be a School Mom: There are a lot of things I’m good at, but being a school mom isn’t one of them. Many of my friends have it together. They know every detail of their kid’s school schedule, they volunteer at every opportunity and are involved. I have sent both of my kids to school in their pajamas this year because I thought it was pajama day. Oops. I was trying. So yeah, this New Year I am going to be a good school mom this year.

3. Intentional and Individual Time: Before Christmas, I took both of my daughters out on separate mommy-daughter dates. I took them to Starbucks and then they each got a mani-pedi. While I usually don’t do individual dates with my kids, this year I am going to make it a monthly priority. Both of my girls lit up and loved that time with me. It filled their tanks and mine on another level. So yeah, this New Year I’m going on more one-on-one dates with my kids.

4. Why Don’t You Put That Phone Down? I am the worst at putting my phone down because so much of what I do for work involves my phone. I have noticed that my kids will take their entire head and jam it in between my face and my phone to get my attention. Yuck. Major mom guilt. So, unless it’s an emergency or it’s my alone time, or it’s my work hours, I’m done being a screen-a-holic. So yeah, this New Year I’m gonna put my phone down.

5. Pause: It’s impossible to make every moment count because the reality is that we are human and I am not going to live in a constant pool of guilt because I missed said “moment.” But, one of my new year’s resolutions is to pause and enjoy with my kids in the little things. Don’t rush through the bedtime routines. Pause and listen when my child is telling me a story that I do not understand. Snuggle when I am touched out. Giggle when they want to tell me the same joke they have told approximately 1,000 times. So yeah, this New Year I’m gonna pause.

6. Be Active as a Family: I usually go to the gym and drop my kids off in the play area which they aren’t super fans of. I think it sounds like fun to take up jogging with my two older kids or go on daily walks. Maybe go bike riding. I usually like this time by myself, and honestly, this all sounds like a ton of extra work, but I think it’s also good to instill these good habits in my little ones now. So yeah, this New Year I’m gonna be more active with my kids.

7. Give myself More Grace: I am my own worst critic as a mother. And- even as I am writing out these resolutions I can feel myself failing them miserably already. I am going to try and be intentional with all of these New Years Resolutions, but also give myself loads of grace. I am a human mother with many flaws of my own that unfortunately, my kids get to experience. But, I believe that while I offer myself grace in parenting and mothering, they will see that example and learn to give themselves grace too when they don’t get it right. To apoligize when I mess up and and ask for forgiveness. And hopefully, my example of grace and forgiveness will teach them that they can still get up, try again, and not let self-condemnation hold them back from personal growth. So yeah, this New Year, I’m gonna give myself grace.


So, What are your Motherhood New Years Resolutions?

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