10 Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me

Motherhood has changed me a lot. Before becoming a mom I really thought that motherhood wouldn’t change me one bit. I secretly judged other mothers when they wore yoga pants with a creepy bun on top of their messy head. Before having kids I was a perfect mother and I knew exactly how I would be as a parent. So I thought, that is. Isn’t it funny how life does that?

Here are ten way motherhood has changed me from using dry shampoo to the mad 20 minute get ready mom dash.

So, here are the 10 ways that motherhood has changed me.

I Rarely Wash My Hair

Dry Shampoo is my best friend now. I use to wash my hair every-single-
day and now it’s about every seven (better for your hair anyways…right?
…RIGHT!). I use to enjoy the process of styling my hair and flat ironing
every strand to perfection. Now I just let it air dry and hope for the best
because I don’t actually have time to care with three little ones.

Just Live With the Gross

I’m a hot mess most of the time and I mean that. I use to have my life
together before having kids and I can remember the exact moment I
realized that I would never have my S*@T together again while mothering.
I had just had my oldest and we were co-sleeping. I woke up soaking wet
from sweat and breast milk, puke was in my hair, and pee on my bed. The
old me would have jolted out of bed and washed every inch of me, my
baby and my sheets, the new me was so exhausted that I just went back
to sleep. UGH! GROSS!

Yoga Pants

Yoga and Workout Pants. Before I had my kids I only wore those kinds of
pants to the gym. Now they are on heavy rotation in my closet and what I
wear on a regular basis. No shame.

I’ve Learned Patience

I am more patient than I ever was because frankly, I don’t have a choice! If
I think that getting out the door will probably take an hour normally, I just
mentally add on an extra hour so that I don’t loose my mind. Kids test your
patience and so I’ve learned to take a lot of deep breaths while waiting for
shoes to be found every-single- day. And yes, we have a shoe bin.

I Block out the Noise

I have the ability to block out the sound of kids screaming and yelling
everywhere I go. Before kids, the sound of kids made my ears hurt; now,
it’s simply my background noise and I have quickly learned the art of
talking over the madness.

Supersonic Hearing Mom Powers

Before kids I slept through everything. Now I have super-sonic mom ears
that hear every peep and sound that my kids make while sleeping. If I hear
even the slightest whimper I wake up and run down the hall to check on
them like a neurotic human. So when you see me with my air-dried hair,
sporting yoga pants, with 5lb bags under my eyes don’t judge, I saved my
child from snoring last night!

My Mom Body Is a Transformer

My body has changed like a transformer three times for each human baby
I’ve housed for ten months. So nope, my body doesn’t look the same as it
did pre-babes and I’m fine with it. My hips are curvier, my boobs are
softer, my face is a little rounder. But I have my babies and I’m proud of
that. One day I will get back to the gym more than a few times a week, but
for now, I’m giving myself a little grace.

That Mini-van Life

Once upon a time I made the statement that I would never own a mini-
van. Now when I see a mom press one button to a door that automatically
slides open, and doesn’t even for a moment fret about it being SLAMMED
by her children into the car next to them, I think, “hmm that is stuff dreams
are made of!” I don’t yet own one but, NEVER SAY NEVER.

20 Minute Mad Dash

This is where motherhood has changed me dramatically. My get ready time has shrunk dramatically. I vaguely remember spending an entire hour doing my hair and makeup and spending a good 20 minutes or more picking out the perfect outfit. Now my total get ready time, on a good day, is a ½ hour and that’s broken up between my kids asking
me for something every five seconds.

Perseverance and Multi-Tasking Mom Ninja

I think the biggest way I’ve changed since becoming a mother is my ability
to persevere, press on, and not be shaken by every little thing. I’m
stronger now. Being a mom is hard work, and there are many, many,
unexpected things that come up that can cause major anxiety and stress.
Before kids I might have been ruined and annoyed by a bad hair day or a
hiccup in my schedule. Now it’s just a normal part of life and honestly, I
can multi-task and juggle way more now than I ever could before kids.



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